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Municipal Court Attorney in New Jersey

If you have received a ticket or summons for either a traffic or criminal matter and intend to fight that charge or look for a reduction, you cannot merely show up on the date on the ticket. You must first call the Court to plead Not Guilty. You should do this within a week after you receive the ticket. If you do not plead Not Guilty, effectively you have pleaded Guilty and may not even try to fight the matter or get a reduced sentence or points.

You also should find a good attorney to represent you, one who knows Municipal Court well.

Ray J. Barson, Esq. was the Municipal Judge in West Windsor Township for almost ten years. While holding that position, he sat separately as the only Judge in Princeton Borough and Washington (Robbinsville) Township, each for three months. He also sat as a Visiting Judge on an as-needed basis in every municipality in Mercer County as well as in Plainsboro Township by special appointment.

Using his experience as a former Municipal Judge, Ray J. Barson now represents defendants in careless driving, reckless driving, speeding, DWI, unlawful lane change, leaving the scene of an accident, and many other charges of driving violations and criminal offences throughout Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, and Burlington Counties, as well as others.

After you have called the Court to plead Not Guilty, if you hire Ray J. Barson he will work with you to determine the best strategy for your case. After reviewing the facts of your situation with you, Mr. Barson will first evaluate whether there are any defenses which can be argued on your behalf, such as whether the police had a right to stop you. If there are no other defenses and if the charges involve a traffic offense, Mr. Barson will find the best way to argue for a reduction in Motor Vehicle Points. The ability to obtain a reduction in points will be affected by the situation and exchange at the scene between you and the police officer and your past driving record. Not everyone can get a reduction in points, but Ray Barson knows how best to argue for the reduction.

If the charges involve minor drug possession and this is your first drug offense, Mr. Barson can determine whether you qualify for a Conditional Discharge, which will avoid a guilty finding and will be removed from your record after one year.

To find out how Ray J. Barson, Esq. can best serve your Municipal Court needs, contact his Lawrenceville, New Jersey, office today for a FREE initial phone consultation.


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